Music Production

I write and produce all of my Desolate Dreams material.

You can hear some of my other work in a variety of styles below:


I write music for my partner Emma’s and my travel videos. We film and edit them ourselves too.

In May 2019 we visited the Greek Ionian Islands.

We visited nine locations in six countries in Europe in March 2016.


Track 7 ‘Veins of Gold’ from my fourth album ‘Inevitability’ by Desolate Dreams. This piece is completely orchestral and was written and produced entirely inside Pro Tools.


‘Wind Bears The Rain’, track 4 from my fifth album ‘Rebellion’ was composed specifically for piano and was heavily inspired by film music.


My most recent holiday (Summer 2017) in Dubrovnik Croatia, again with original music.


Glencoe (Spring 2017) with original music.


Another travel video with original music, this time from Lanzarote.


I wrote music for a fireworks video Emma filmed and edited called Illumination.


One of my favourite original tracks ’12 Hours Earlier’. I edited this video with stock footage from Beachfront B-Roll.


I composed and produced the music for my Dad’s underwater video. Most of this was shot on film in the 1980’s. He asked for something inspired by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.


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