One man band Scottish Progressive Metal – Follow on Facebook listen on Bandcamp.

Coalescence [2020]

Rebellion [2018]

Inevitability [2016]


“One man progressive metal machine Jake Woodward has created a gorgeous soundscape that would have Paul Waggoner himself drooling. This album is more than enough to keep up with the afluent progressive guitarists of this generation.”


“Progressive Technical Instrumental Metal – phenomenal Scottish solo prog metal artist Jake Woodward’s second album under the Desolate Dreams moniker. Great slabs of heavy complexity featuring guest guitarists Max Gorelick and Adam Fague on one cut each.”

-Prog Metal Zone

“Desolate Dreams is an ethereal experience. From start to finish you really feel like you’re taking a journey. This album is grand, outstanding, well composed, and just a darn great listen. This release rivals other great albums from this year such as Chimp Spanner’s ‘All Roads Lead Here’, Intervals’ ‘In Time’, and even Mendel’s ‘Subliminal Colors’.”

-Ultima Music Blog

“This is musical ride from start to finish, bringing good melody, taste, thought, ambience, and a progressive metal edge all together for the trip. Jake’s composition is great, verging on brilliant at times…”Desolate Dreams” is an awesome release filled with serious ear candy. Prog heads and instrumental fiends alike should definitely check this one out.”

-The Circle Pit

Desolate Dreams is where I get to fully flex my creative muscles in every way imaginable. As a result, it’s all a bit mad and chaotic; just the way I like things. I play guitar and program everything else, as well as mixing and sometimes mastering it. I released my fifth album: ‘Rebellion’ in May 2018.


Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 16.47.32

DD Album Cover FINAL

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